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Dustin Lee 12/13/2006 Biology Block C Pg. 185-189 Q 1-3 1. Prophase: the chromosomes first make their appearance during this phase. Metaphase: the chromosomes all gather in a plane across the middle of the cell Anaphase: the sister chromatids suddenly separate from their partners Telophase: the spindle disappears, two nuclear envelopes form and the chromosomes uncoil 2. Cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm into two cells. In animal cells, the first sign of cytokinesis is the appearance of an indentation around the middle of the cell. This indentation is caused by a ring of microfilaments in the cytoplasm just under the plasma membrane.
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Unformatted text preview: The ring contracts like the pulling of a drawstring, deepening the indentations and pinching the parent cell in two. Cytokinesis in plant cells occur differently. A disk containing cell wall material called a cell plate forms inside the cell and grows outward. Eventually this new piece of cell wall divides the cell in two. 3. In prophase, the nuclear membrane disappears and the chromosomes start to coil until they are visible. The spindle from the centrioles also starts to form. In telophase, two new nuclear membranes form, the chromosomes become invisible again, and the spindle disappears....
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