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Dustin Lee 2/5/2007 Biology Block C 1. When Griffith treated the mice with a harmless strain, they remained healthy. When he injected the deadly heat-treated strain, they also remained healthy. But when he injected a mixture, the mice started to die. This was due to the harmless strain mutating into the deadly strain. 2. In Avery’s experiments, he took the next step by treating the mixture mice with protein killing enzymes. But the bacteria continued to transform and kill the mice. So he treated the mice with a DNA destroying enzyme.
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Unformatted text preview: This time, the bacteria died and failed to transform concluding the fact that DNA was the transforming factor. 3. Bacteria release hereditary information into cells, so that the bacteria can continue to reproduce. Hershey and Chase coated the protein with radioactive sulfur coats while they coated the DNA with radioactive phosphorus. When the hereditary information entered the cell, the protein coats remained outside the cell while the DNA entered the cells. This proved that DNA did indeed carry the hereditary material....
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