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Dustin Lee Feb. 12 Block C: Biology 1. Beadle and Tatum studied mutant strains of the mold that were unable to grow on the usual nutrient medium. Each of these mutant strains turned out to lack a single enzyme needed to produce some molecule the mold needed. Beadle and Tatum also showed that each mutant was defective in a single gene. Later scientists learned that most genes actually dictate the productions of a single polypeptide, which may make up part of an
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Unformatted text preview: enzyme or another kind of protein. Beadle and Tatum’s hypothesis is now generally stated as one gene—one polypeptide. 2. The molecule that completes the flow of information from DNA to protein is RNA. 3. Leu 4. Two differences between RNA and DNA is that RNA is any nucleic acid whose sugar is ribose rather than deoxyribose and RNA contains a nitrogenous base called uracil instead of thymine...
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