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BiologyNov20th2006 - layer sandwich of molecules called a...

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Dustin Lee 11/20/2006 Biology Block C 1. The plasma membrane and other membranes of a cell are composed mostly of proteins and a type of lipid called phospholipids. A phospholipids molecule is structured much like the fat molecules but has two fatty acids instead of three. The other end of the molecule includes a phosphate group which is negatively charged and hydrophilic. At such boundaries, the phospholipids can form a two
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Unformatted text preview: layer sandwich of molecules, called a phospholipids bilayer. The bilayer membrane forms a dynamic structure. 2. Transport proteins help move certain substances such as water and sugars across the membrane. Although small nonpolar molecules such as carbon dioxide and oxygen pass freely though the membrane, many essential molecules need assistance from proteins to enter or leave the cell....
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