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BiologyOct26th2006 - preventing it from flopping over 3...

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Dustin Lee 10/26/2006 Biology Block C 1. Monosaccharides contain just one sugar unit (glucose) and disaccharides contain two (glucose + fructose). 2. Starch is a polysaccharide found in plant cells that consists entirely of glucose monomers. Glycogen, like starch, is a chain of many glucose monomers. However, a glycogen polymer is more highly branched than a starch polymer. Cellulose serves as a building material. They protect cells and stiffen the plat,
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Unformatted text preview: preventing it from flopping over. 3. Most animals, including people, cannot digest cellulose because we lack the molecule necessary to break the bonds of monomers in cellulose. Therefore, cellulose goes through our digestive system unchanged. Microorganisms that inhabit their digestive tracts break down the cellulose, making glucose available to the cow or termite....
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