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BiologySept6th2006 - meatball under meat the salad under...

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Dustin Lee 9/6/2006 Biology Block C 1. The relationship between an organism and species is that each organism is classified into a specific species. An organism can be an animal, bacteria, a plant and many other things. One example can be the iguana. The iguana itself is an iguana but it can be classified into the species of iguanas or the species of reptiles. 2. One way to classify the items: banana, lemon, sandwich, milk, orange, meatball, and salad are to put them into different parts of the food pyramid. Like a banana, lemon and orange can be put under fruits; milk can be put under dairy, the
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Unformatted text preview: meatball under meat, the salad under vegetables etc. A more general way to categorize these items is to just put them all under food. 3. The big differences between the domains of Bacteria and Archaea and the organisms of the domain of Eukarya are that anything under bacteria is unicellular, meaning only make of one cell, and that they have no nuclei, which means that their DNA is not separated from the rest of the cell. The organisms in Eukarya can be made of millions to trillions of cells and each cell has a nucleus....
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