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10.3 - -They met in a diet where the vote of a single noble...

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Chapter 10.3 The Geography of Eastern Europe - Eastern Europe reaches from the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea - The main rivers of Eastern Europe, like the Danube and the Vistula, flow either south into the Black Sea or north into the Baltic Sea The Balkans - The West Slavs filtered into present-day Poland and the Czech and Slovak republics - The Balkans were peopled by other ethnic groups as well - In the 1300’s, the Ottomans invaded the Balkans, spreading Islam into pockets of that area Jewish Settlements - Western European Christians launched brutal attacks on Jewish communities, many Jews from their lands - In the 1300’s, Polish kings followed a policy of toleration toward Jews - Jewish merchants and scholars contributed to the economic and cultural development of Poland during this period Poland - Missionaries brought Roman Catholicism to the West Slavs of Poland in the 900s - Poland’s greatest age came after Queen Jadwiga married Duke Wladyslav Jagiello of Lithuania in 1386 - Jadwiga supported a university in Cracow, which became a major center of science and the arts
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Unformatted text preview: -They met in a diet where the vote of a single noble was enough to block the passage of a law-This liberum veto, made it hard for the government to take decisive action-In 1683 when the Polish king Jan Sobieski broke the Ottoman siege of Vienna Hungary-The Hungarian king was forced to sign a charter recognizing the rights of his nobles o Known as the Golden Bull of 1222, it strictly limited royal power-The Mongols overran Hungary in 1241, killing perhaps as much as half its population-The expansion of the Ottoman Turks, though, ended Hungarian independence in 1526 Serbia-During the 600s, South Slavs settled the mountainous Balkans-The Serbs accepted Orthodox Christianity-By the late 1100s, they had set up their own state, which reached its height byunder Stefan Dusan-At the battle of Kosovo in 1389, Serbs fought to the death, a memory still honored by their descendants more than 600 years later...
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