Germanic Study Guide - Dustin Lee History 1/24/2007 Block F...

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Dustin Lee 1/24/2007 History Block F The Franks - From 400-700 AD - Strongest kingdom of the Germanic Kingdoms Clovis - 486 AD: Clovis, king of the Franks, conquered the former Roman province of Gaul - He ruled according to Frankish custom but preserved much of the Roman legacy/customs - Converted to Christianity (religion of the Romans) Martel - 732 AD: Charles Martel leads Franks against the Muslims at the Battle of Tours - The victory was a sign that God was on their side Charlemagne - 800 AD: Pope Leo III called on Charlemagne for help against rebellious nobles in Rome - They easily won the battle - On Christmas Day, the pope showed his gratitude by pacing a crown on Charlemagne’s head and proclaiming him Emperor of the Romans - In doing so, the Pope revived the ideal of a united Christian community and laid ground for desperate power struggles between future Roman Catholic popes and German emperors - This also gave the Church political power - He tired to recreate Roman Empire (Aachen) - He creates separate territories for officials called missi dominici to control - Charlemagne founded a school at Aachen under the direction of a respected scholar, Alcuin of York - Died in 814 AD Legacy of Charlemagne - Charlemagne’s throne was wanted from his heirs that battled for power for nearly 30 years - 843 AD: Charlemagne’s grandsons drew up the treaty of Verdun, which split the empire into three regions o Louis the German commanded the East (Germany) o Charles the bald commanded the West (France) o Lothair commanded the Middle (Austria)
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Germanic Study Guide - Dustin Lee History 1/24/2007 Block F...

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