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History10.1 - Rome-The result was the Corpus Juris Civilis...

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Section 10.1 Constantinople - Center of the Byzantine Empire - Located on the shores of the Bosporus strait - Was commanded key trade routes linking Europe and Asia - Europe’s busiest marketplace - Very wealthy - Hippodrome was an arena built in the 200’s A Blending of Cultures - After prosperous times, the Byzantine Empire fell - It promoted a brilliant civilization that blended ancient Greek, Roman, and Christian influences The Age of Justinian - The Byzantine Empire reached its greatest size under the emperor Justinian from 527 to 565 - He tried to revive ancient Rome - Led by general Belisarius, they conquered North Africa, Italy, and southern Spain - They eventually lost all the land they gained Hagia Sophia - Justinian created the lasting monument of the church of Hagia Sophia - The interior glowed with colored marble and embroidered silk curtains Code of Laws - Justinian created a code of law that was set up to collect, revise, and organize all the laws of ancient
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Unformatted text preview: Rome-The result was the Corpus Juris Civilis, which is known as Justinian’s code-By the 1100’s, the laws had reached Western Europe Absolute Power-Justinian ruled as an autocrat, sole ruler with complete authority, with power over the Church-He combined both political power and spiritual authority Differences East and West-The Byzantine emperor controlled Church affairs and appointed the patriarch-Eastern Byzantine clergy kept their right to marry-Greek was the language of the Byzantine Church-East believed in Easter, and West believed in Christmas Schism-In the 700’s, a Byzantine Emperor outlawed the veneration of icons-Violent battles occurred within the empire-In 1054, other controversies provoked a schism between the Byzantine, East, and the Romans, West-The pope and the patriarch excommunicated each other...
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History10.1 - Rome-The result was the Corpus Juris Civilis...

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