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February 15, 2007 [ BLOCK F: HISTORY DUSTIN LEE ] 3. Justinian is best remembered for his reform of the law. He set up a commission to collect, revise, and organize all the laws of ancient Rome. The result was the “Body of Civil Law,” popularly known as Justinian’s Code. Justinian left a more lasting monument in his buildings. To restore Roman glory, he launched a program to beautify Constantinople. Justinian used the law to unite the empire under his control. He ruled as an autocrat, or sole ruler with complete authority.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The Roman Catholic Church was ruled under a pope, and monarch. The Eastern Orthodox Church is ruled by an emperor, and Patriarch. 5. In 1453, Ottoman forces surrounded the city of Constantinople. After a siege lasting two months, they stormed the broken walls. Forces led by Ottoman ruler Muhammad II entered the city in triumph. 6. Byzantine scholars preserved the classic works of ancient Greece. They produced their own great books, esp. in the field of history. 7....
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