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Miles Schuss History notes last page for project China and the World - Voyages of Zheng He i 1405- first of 7 expeditions that Zheng He led - fleet of 62 huge ships and hundreds of small ships, with more than 25, 000 sailors - purpose was to promote trade 1405-1433- Zheng He sailed along Southeast Asia, India, Arabia and East Africa - The expedition showed the foreign people the power of the Chinese Empire - Zheng He believed that the Ming dynasty more successfully
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Unformatted text preview: unified the “seas and continents” than the Han and Tang dynasties - Turning inward s 1433- Zheng He dies and Ming Emperor bans large seagoing ships-Today’s historians aren’t sure why the Chinese banned naval exploration-Confucian scholars thought that Chinese culture was the best in the world and they wanted to keep all the ancient traditions in place-These traditions are what eventually caused the weakening of China...
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