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Roman Study Guide

Roman Study Guide - Dustin History Block F Octavian Was...

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Dustin 1/10/2007 History Block F Octavian - Was ruler of Rome from 31 BC-14 AD - The end of the republic and the start of the Roman Empire - He was the first emperor - He marks the start of the Pax Romana - He gained the title Augustus, or Exalted One, after becoming ruler - He takes a census of the people - Pentifax Maximus (highest priest in Roman religion): all emperors will take title Jesus Christ - Born in 4 BC to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem - Raised in Galilee – zealot territory - He was seen as the Messiah (destroyer of Rome) o He did not seek to destroy the Roman Empire - He sought to establish a spiritual Kingdom - Jesus was crucified by Pontius Pilate in 30 AD o His teachings are then spread by his followers Tiberius - In 14 AD, Augustus dies and Tiberius takes over the throne - He deals with the rising of Germanicus by killing him and his 2 eldest sons Caligula - He took the throne in 37 AD - He ruled as a tyrant - He tried to appoint his favorite horse as consul - Crazy, paranoid - He was then killed by soldiers storming the palace Claudius - After Caligula’s death, Claudius, Caligula’s uncle, reluctantly takes the throne - He extends the Roman Empire by adding areas such as Britain - Adopts Nero and is killed by his wife, Agrippina the Younger Paul - Also knows as Paul of Tarsus -
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