Timeline - 1236-1241 Batu leads Mongol armies into Russia...

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1613-1917: The zemsky sobor, and assembly of clergy, nobles, and townsmen, chose a new czar, 17-year-old Michael Romanov 1604-1613: Time of Troubles 1560: Ivan IV became increasingly unstable 1462-1505: Ivan the Great brought much of northern Russia under his rule
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Unformatted text preview: 1236-1241: Batu leads Mongol armies into Russia 1200s: Genghis Khan unites nomadic Mongols of Asia 1100: Kiev declined as rival families battled for the throne 1019-1054: Golden age under Yaroslavl the wise 957: Princess Olga converted to Byzantine Christianity 863: Cyril and Methodius translate Slavic Bible 700: Variangians Appear...
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