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Dustin Lee 11/5/2006 World History Block F Philip’s Dream - When Philip gained the throne in 359 B.C., he dreamed of conquering the prosperous city-states to the south - He built a superb army - In 338 B.C., when Athens and Thebes joined forces against him, he defeated them at the battle of Chaeronea - His next goal was to conquer the Persian empire Conquest Of Persia - Alexander was only twenty years old when he took over the throne - By 334 B.C., he had enough ships to cross the Dardanelles, the strait separating Europe from Asia Minor - Alexander won his first victory against the Persians at the Granicus River - In 331 B.C., he took Babylon, then seized the other Persian capitals Onward To India - In 326 B.C., his troops for the first time faced soldiers mounted on war elephants
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Unformatted text preview: -They retreated to plan a new campaign Sudden Death-Before he could set out again, Alexander fell victim to a sudden fever A Blending Of Cultures-Across his far-flung empire, Alexander founded many new cities, most of them named after himself-Local people assimilated Greek ideas Alexandria-At the very heart of the Hellenistic world stood the city of Alexandria-The rulers of Alexandria built the great Museum as a center of learning-Its well-stocked library had thousand of scrolls representing the accumulated knowledge of the ancient world-Unfortunately, the library was later destroyed in a fire...
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