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World history notes for 13.

World history notes for 13. - In 1271 Polo left Venice by...

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Brad Silverstein World history notes for 13.2 3 rd page 1. China Under Mongol Rule ~ Government - Kublai Khan tried to stop the Mongols from being absorbed into Chinese civilization and decreed that only Mongols could join the military and the highest government jobs, but allowed Chinese to rule the provinces, because their were too few Mongols for a big area. - Under the rule of Mongols, an uneasy mix of Chinese and foreign ways formed. Kublai took his rule and called it the Yuan dynasty, a Chinese name, and turned Cambulac into a Chinese walled city and Arab architectures design his palace to reflect Mongol steppe dwellings. - Kublai Khan rebuilt and extended the Grand Canal to his new capital, through the terrible loss of lives. He welcomed foreigners like African Muslim world traveler Ibn Battuta. ~ A Western Visitor - The Italian merchant Marco Polo was one of many visitors to China.
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Unformatted text preview: In 1271, Polo left Venice by with his uncle and dad. At China he spent 17 years in Kublai’s service. He returned home by sea after visiting Southeast Asia and India. -In his writings he left behind, he said the royal palace of Kublai was covered in gold, silver, and painted dragons, birds, and horsemen and various breeds of beasts and battle scenes. He said the city of Hangzhou was 10-12 times as big as Venice. This all interested Europe in the riches of Asia. ~ Other Contacts-The Mongols tolerated a variety of beliefs as long as they kept in touch with Europe. The pope had Christian priests go to Beijing, while Muslims set up communities in China. Some Chinese products like: gunpowder, porcelain, and playing cards were sent to Europe. 2. The Ming Restore Chinese Rule...
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World history notes for 13. - In 1271 Polo left Venice by...

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