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Faculty Name : Mr. A. ANTHONISAN Staff Code : MC28 Subject Name : MIDDLEWARE TECHNOLOGIES Sub. Code : MC9251 Year : III Semester : V Degree : MCA Aim: To demonstrate the concept of Middleware Technologies Objectives: To make the students To learn the fundamentals of three tier architecture To understand the concepts of distributed application, and design of IT architecture Reference Books : 1. Chris Britton, Peter Bye, “IT Architecture And Middleware, A Staligies For Building Large Integrated System”, Addition Wesley, 2004. 2. T. J. Mowbray, “Inside CORBA: Distributed Object Standards and Applications”, Addison Wesley, 1997. 3. N. Wallace, :COM/DCOM Blue Book”, Dreamtech Press, 2000. Sl. No. Date Unit Topic(s) T / R* Book No. Page(s) 1 I Emergence of middleware R1 32 2 I IT architecture and E-Business R1 35 3 I Evolution and Development R1 47 4 I Remote procedure calls R1 55 5 I Remote database access R1 56 6 I Distributed Transaction Processing R1 56 7 I Message queuing
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This note was uploaded on 09/22/2011 for the course MCA 1001 taught by Professor Dr.santhakumar during the Spring '11 term at Anna University Chennai - Regional Office, Coimbatore.

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