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I. Breach of Promise to Marry A. History a. C/L Action b. Elements 1. contract 2. breach 3. damages B. Consideration isn’t a. sex (this is illegal) b. promise in consideration of marriage (I’ll give $50K if you marry me) ==need to be in writing if this C. Consideration is the other guy’s promise (If you marry me, I’ll marry you) D. Outside SOF (can be oral) II. Marriage A. Ceremonial a. License 1. Medical Exam i) purpose = notice to the other person ii) procedural requirement (not public policy) thus a) good faith enough b) it can be waived 2. Capacity (SANS) i) public policy requirement (not procedural) thus can’t be waived a) Sane b) Adult c) Not Related (cousin OK) d) Single b. Solemnization 1. procedural requirement (not public policy) thus i) good faith is enough ii) unauthorized celebrant doesn’t invalidate marriage B. Common Law Marriage a. Requirements 1. Capacity (SANS) 2. Words and acts i) exchange of consents ii) cohabitation iii) holding out b. a marriage valid where performed is valid everywhere 1. except = if you go out of state to avoid public policy, then marriage not recognized C. Gifts a. Ring is conditional (must give back to guy)
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b. Everything else is unconditional (she keeps it) D. Constitutional Privacy a. fundamental right of privacy found in (CAMPER) 1. Contraception 2. Abortion i) pre-fetal viability = regulation OK unless “undue burden” ii) post-fetal viability = prohibition OK unless health of mother is issue 3. Marriage i) parental permission for minor marriage only rationality test (b/c it’s about timing) 4. Procreation 5. Education and control of children by parents i) control belong to parents unless state can show compelling interest 6. Related Parties living together b. No fundamental right of privacy (BUSHES) 1. Bankruptcy 2. Unrelated parties living together 3. Sodomy 4. Housing 5. Education of self 6. Status of welfare III. Termination of Marriage A. Annulment a. mechanism for dissolving marriage when impediment occurred
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family_law - I. II. Breach of Promise to Marry A. History...

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