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Assignment 2-Social norm violation

Assignment 2-Social norm violation - 2 Hypothesis a Did...

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Soc 100-025 Spring 2011 Assignment 2: Social Norm Violation The assignment requires you to break a social norm and write about your experience. Dress may be the easiest way to break a social norm. Try dressing like a person of the opposite gender, wearing obviously out of style clothes, wearing a tuxedo around etc. Some other examples may be facing the wrong way in an elevator, speaking to someone in an obviously fake accent, or answering “the sky” to the question “what ʼ s up?” (more than once of course). Interact with others in the process of breaking the norm. DO NOT do anything illegal, dangerous, or overly disruptive. Have fun with this, but also be smart about it. After your norm breaking experience, write up a short paper about your experience. Paper Guidelines 1) Introduce the violation a. Define the norm violated b. Describe briefly how this norm acts as a mechanism of social control. c. Describe what you did to violate the norm. 2) Hypothesis
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Hypothesis a. Did people react the way you expected? How was the reaction different or the same. 3) Describe the setting a. Where did it take place? b. Who was there? Describe the people in the setting. 4) Describe the incident--tell what happened. 5) Summary and Interpretation a. How did you feel as you were violating the norm? b. Why did you feel the way you did? c. Did people react the way you expected? Explain. d. Did you encounter any difFculties in carrying out your assignment? e. What, if anything, did you learn about how norms exercise social control? f. Any other pertinent observations. Formatting Guidelines • 12 point font • Double spaced • 1 inch margins • 1 to 2 pages. No more than 2. • Print double sided if possible • Put your name, the assignment number, the course and section at the top. Adapted from: http://www.nyu.edu/classes/persell/aIntroNS²/Documents/ NormViolationGuidelineswebpage.htm...
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