Assignment 3-Dr. - back up your claims and arguments 1 It may be a good idea to use specic quotes from the text 2 It is okay to summarize parts of

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Soc 100-025 Spring 2011 Assignment 3: Applying Sociology to Dr. Seuss For this assignment you will read “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” or “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss and write a sociological response to the stories. Go back over your class notes to review concepts and theories already covered if you are having a hard time applying them to the stories. The guidelines provided are simple and leave room for you to be creative. Paper Guidelines 1) Introduction a. Begin the paper by introducing which book you are responding to and giving your initial thoughts about the book. i. DO NOT summarize the book. That is not the point of this assignment. b. Set up your evaluation by explaining which sociological concepts or theories you are going to apply in the paper. 2) Evaluation a. Apply each of the concepts or theories introduced in step 1. i. Explain how the story demonstrates the concept or theory. Be detailed and
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Unformatted text preview: back up your claims and arguments. 1. It may be a good idea to use specic quotes from the text. 2. It is okay to summarize parts of the story here as long as doing so adds to your evaluation. b. Address this question, is the story a critique of American culture in some way? If yes, how; if no, why not. c. If possible apply the story to popular culture. 3) Summary and Conclusion a. Recap the concepts applied. b. Let me know if you learned anything and whether or not you have a new appreciation for Dr. Seuss stories. i. Was it difcult to apply the concepts, or did it come easy for you? c. Close with your general thoughts about the assignment. Formatting Guidelines 12 point font Double spaced 1 inch margins 1 to 2 pages. No more than 2. Print double sided if possible Put your name, the assignment number, the course and section at the top....
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