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Assignment 4-The social elite

Assignment 4-The social elite - • Notice that Mills does...

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Soc 100-025 Spring 2011 Assignment 4: The Social Elite This assignment requires you to read either chapter 19 or 20 from the textbook. These chapters are essays written by well known and respected sociologists who specialize in studying the social elite. Read the first couple pages of each essay and choose the one that interests you the most to respond to. In my experience, many people have a strong response to this type of sociological work, so I am curios to find out what your response to the readings will be. Paper Guidelines I want this assignment to be written in a general essay format and there will not be many guidelines here. However, there are a few questions I want you to address in the main body of your paper: Did you learn anything that surprised you in the essay? What about it was surprising? What would have been closer to what you expected or what you thought you knew about power or the social elite in the United States? Do you doubt or disagree with any of the claims or findings presented?
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Unformatted text preview: • Notice that Mills does not present much evidence in his piece so if you respond to him you may be writing about a lack of Fndings. • If you do doubt or disagree, why so? Do you have any counter evidence? • Does this essay change your thinking about the “American Dream” ,or the American way of life, or how the United States is run? • If so, in what way? • Is the average American powerless? Formatting Guidelines • 12 point font • Double spaced • 1 inch margins • 1 to 2 pages. No more than 2. • Print double sided if possible • Put your name, the assignment number, the course and section at the top. Style Guidelines • Make sure the paper has an introduction with a thesis sentence. • The middle part of the paper should be based on the thesis sentence.-Address the questions listed above in the main portion. • Conclude the paper with a concluding paragraph that sums up the paper and gives a concluding statement....
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