PSY 235Y-Summmer - PSY 235Y - Child Psychology (Online)...

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PSY 235Y - Child Psychology (Online) Instructor: Dr George Hollich ( ) Office: 1226 Psychology Building, Purdue University, 703 Third St; W. Lafayette, IN. 47907 Phone: 765-494-2224; Chat (AOL and iChat):; Skype: ghollich. Virtual Office Hours: I try to respond to every email within 24 hours of receiving it, and can make myself available via phone, video chat, IM, or in person (if you happen to be on the West Lafayette Campus). I say this up front, because the only bad question is the one you never asked. Goals: In this course, you will gain an appreciation for the mystery that is growing-up – how we come to be who we are: how we learn to walk, talk, and act around others: physical, cognitive, and social development. As a secondary goal, I want you to get a hands-on feel for the day-to- day application and importance of developmental psychology in our lives: from parenting to teaching, from playgrounds to shopping malls, and even the doctor’s office. This course will teach you how children think, and the help you to think about how best to handle them. Required Text: Kail, R. V. (2007). Children and Their Development . (Fourth edition) NJ: Prentice Hall. Study guide is also recommended. Malkus, A. (2007). Study Guide: Children and Their Development. NJ: Prentice Hall. WebCT Vista (West Lafayette Open Campus Edition) @ is the principle means of course content and delivery: including grading, assignments, audio lectures, lecture notes, quizzes, movies, links, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the discussion forums. Email me if you have any difficulty accessing this site. Grading (1000 total points):
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PSY 235Y-Summmer - PSY 235Y - Child Psychology (Online)...

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