INTFILO Ref 2 - Kenneth S. Santos INTFILO C39 GREEN SCENE...

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Kenneth S. Santos INTFILO C39 GREEN SCENE TALK What we see before us now is the product of the millions of decisions man has made over the years. The kind of society we live in, the education we are receiving, the state of our physical environment and many other things that we come to terms with everyday could not be attributed to one man’s single decision. All of them were formed over history. And in history, it was always about his story, man’s story, his unending needs, wants, desires, conflicts, problems, ideas, inventions, innovations and all other things good and bad. Man was never complacent or satisfied with himself and his life. Through this we can see, how our world, from its humble beginning as a place where all creatures live in peace in harmony, transformed into a place where it was all about man and his continuing survival at the expense of the life of other creatures. The program began with a song accompanying a video presentation which illustrated, to a certain extent, the unpleasant state of our environment. Paraiso, paraiso , those lines from the song struck me. My initially bored state of mind was awakened, as from those words came to my mind a vague memory I cannot explain nor express, but what I am sure of is that it was a pleasant one, one which I was happy and at peace. I wondered, if the world was me at that moment, and I, as the world, had
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INTFILO Ref 2 - Kenneth S. Santos INTFILO C39 GREEN SCENE...

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