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Kenneth S. Santos INTFILO C39 Fusion of literary and visual arts – Museum Exhibit It is fascinating, how artists manage to convey a myriad of emotions, of senses and of experiences through their masterpieces. Astounding, as to how one piece of their artwork appeal in different ways to their audience, with each meaning, shrouded in a concoction of colors, of words, of strokes and sometimes of form and of texture. Be it a simple dot, an awkward shape, or group of lines arranged in a fashionable manner, there is always something that it tries to convey, at least in the point of view of the artist. All art are so more than what they are made of, more than fragments of paint and ink, pieces of paper, and moulds of concrete and metal. The art I saw seemed to have a life of its own. It amazed me, how the seemingly inanimate objects, such as the paintings and sculptures, moved with grace and raced with the flow of my mind as I see them beyond the control of my eyes. Even the words as written in the poems, seemed to speak a different tongue. Art is indeed dynamic. Though the pieces themselves are still, what they convey cannot be contained. This dynamism was what I witnessed as I gazed upon the works of various Filipino artists I found in the museum. I felt at that moment what they mean when they say that art is a form of communication. It is one that is sometimes hardest to understand. It is like looking at something already there but you still cannot see it. I think that understanding art should be something like a meditation. Our soothed senses might be able to transcend the boundaries of its physical form to
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what it really is. I saw this one painting, depicting a man in darkness. It was so gloomy that it made me think if the person who made it perceives the world around him as such. Seeing his name beside the painting, I wondered, is he asking for help, or is he merely expressing himself? Art really is an expression. I felt a connection with some of the paintings and poems in the museum, as they conveyed a culture familiar to me. One that took my attention was that of a kite painting and the poem associated to it. I used to fly kites out in the open when I was young, and seeing the painting revived that memory in me. I remembered how hard it was to keep the kite in flight, strong winds from time to time blow and sometimes my hands are just too tired to not let the kite go. Life is like that too. Challenges come and go, but in the end it is still up to us to keep ourselves high up or down low. That was what the poem adjacent to the painting told its readers. In the museum were also the finalists and winners for DLSU’s centennial art contest. They were in the form of sculptures and were made by high school students. In this example, we can see how ideas, concepts, objects and almost everything else in the world could be represented by art. Though there was one topic, each finalist came up with a different interpretation of DLSU’s 100 years, each endowed with the contestant’s personal view on it. If this is the case, then
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INTFILO Ref - Kenneth S. Santos INTFILO C39 Fusion of...

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