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adjustment - pass Step2 Go to the SOE office North Wing of...

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Source: dlsu website The term “adjustment” refers to late enrollment or a revision of the selection of courses/section made during enrollment. For undergraduate students, adjustment comes in three schedules: Advanced adjustment (for late enrollees, transferees, shiftees) Regular adjustment (for adding/dropping of courses due to failures) *no payment needed Step 1: Log-in to your my.lasalle account at your specified log-in schedule. Step 2: Go to the main page and click the enroll course option. (the process is the same as course enrolment) Step 3; Make sure you have your final schedule. Claim your eaf at the OUR the next day. Special adjustment (for changing of sections and other late enrollees, subject to a special adjustment fee and EAF reprinting fee) Step 1: Secure an adjustment pass via my.lasalle. Choose your desired adjustment schedule and print the adjustment
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Unformatted text preview: pass. Step2: Go to the SOE office, North Wing of LS hall. Be sure to come at least 15 minutes before your schedule. Bring your EAF and ID. You should also know beforehand the courses and sections you want to change. Step 3: Present your printed adjustment pass and submit your ID to the SOE secretary. Step 4: When your attention has been called already, proceed to the SOE academic assistant so that she may be able to attend to your adjustment concerns. Step 5: Go to the accounting office and pay the adjustment and EAF reprinting fee. Go back to the SOE office and present the yellow receipt to claim your ID. Present the white receipt to the OUR to have your EAF reprinted. manual adjustment If you want to add units or overload a term, you can coordinate with the SOE academic assistant during the manual adjustment period....
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