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Lecture 2 Notes - Copy - Tested DDT against lice[which...

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Lecture Two Notes: “USE AND ABUSE OF DDT” INSECT ENEMIES : “The majority of insects cause destruction” DDT 1. A new way to collect insects 2. Add DDT to gin happiness (mickey slim) 3. A miracle chemical 4. Led to an “era of optimism” 5. Farmers: “When the chemicals came along…you had your crop.” Pesticide: a chemical/ substance used to kill pests Insecticide: substance that kills insects DDT: chlorinated hydrocarbon Othmar Zeidler: synthesized DDT in Germany (Ph. D 1874) Paul Muller: “discovered” DDT in 1938 Frank Mayo: 1. Atlanta chemist during WWII 2. DDT production was a military secret 3. Process was published in Germany 4. Where could he find the publication? 1942: DDT was sent by Swiss to U.S. o Secret Army Lab was set up in Orlando, FL.
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Unformatted text preview: Tested DDT against lice [which spread typhus]. U.S. Army first used DDT in North Africa and Italy Video: 1. New technology right after WWII: pesticides, plastics, fertilizers 2. DDT saved millions of lives in WWII. First war where enemy killed more than disease. DDT was used to control typhus [spread by lice] 3. Massive growth of chemical industry Pesticide Production: $20 billion per year (don’t need to know) Video: 4. Patuxent research refuge, Maryland. DDT kills birds 5. Chemists and entomologists did not ask why DDT kills insects 6. DDT: massive use on US farms. 1945: 125 million lb/yr. 1955:600 million lbs/yr 7. DDT sprayed in suburbs!!!...
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