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Lecture 4 Notes - Copy - David Pimentel(Department of...

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Lecture 4 Notes: SILENT SPRING 2 DDT: o Was very cheap and very stable o Interferes with nervous system o Is fat-soluble o *** Causes reduced calcium in bird eggs o Was banned in U.S. in 1972 o Production in U.S. continued for many years o Is still used in many parts of the world DDT BIOMAGNIFICATION : DDT is trapped in animal fat . As DDT travels up the Food Chain, the concentration increases. Rachel Carson’s book, did not lead to complete elimination to pesticides , just brought up the issues. Pesticides [P]: 1. P contaminate groundwater 2. P persist in deep soil because low O 2 and few bacteria 3. Most P untested for cancer 4. Cancer tests are for one P, but most crops get several P Pesticides [P] and Cancer [C]: 1. Farmers are at higher risk-especially migrant workers 2. Does long-term exposure cause C? 3. Most P have not been tested for C. 4. Synergistic [Two or more P may act together to be worse than one P]
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Unformatted text preview: David Pimentel (Department of Entomology) at Cornell University o LESS THAN 0.1% of pesticides applied to crops reach target pest Tammy Jackson successfully lobbied for a pesticide bill saying that there must be a notice when pesticides are sprayed in buildings Environmental Defense Fund: Victor Yannacone led ban of DDT o 1968-1969: Wisconsin hearings, if DDT is so bad, why doesn’t it make people sick? o Turning point: DDT is present in Human Breast Milk! 1970 Environmental Protection Agency established 1972: DDT banned by EPA Always, Rachel: The letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman (1994) Silent Spring [SS]: 1. Carson did not want to ban pesticides 2. Carson was a revolutionary 3. She made us aware of the environment...
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Lecture 4 Notes - Copy - David Pimentel(Department of...

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