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Lecture 8 Notes - Copy - o Male moth is attracted to spider...

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Lecture 8 Notes Gypsy moth: 1. Female releases sex pheromone 2. Male detects pheromone with large antennae 3. Male follows plume of pheromone upwind 4. If wind changes, male turns to find pheromone 5. Male can find a female 5 miles away! Insect Chemical Ecology : the relationship between a chemical, an insect, and the insect’s environment Thomas Eisner - Department of Entomology ( Cornell University ) Video : o A black beetle is attacked by ants o Bombardier beetle is not attacked o Bombardier Beetle sprays toxic chemical from abdomen o Mouse kills Bombardier Beetle; forces end of abdomen into soil Bombardier Beetle o Chemical reaction takes place in special gland in the abdomen o Reaction produces: Quinones** + heat + oxygen + noise!! o The toxic spray can be aimed Bolas Spider o Spider spins a silk strand with sticky ball on end o Throws ball at prey and then reels it in o Catches moths of only one species o All moths are males o Spider emits smell= female moth sex pheromone***
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Unformatted text preview: o Male moth is attracted to spider and caught Use Gas Chromotography/ Mass Spectrometry to identify chemicals… GC/MS Many Insects produce (or sequester) toxic chemicals for defense Aposematic-bright Coloration warns potential predators of chemical defense Monarch Butterfly: o Larvae feed on milkweed o Sequester toxic alkaloids o Larvae and adults are aposematic o Protected from predators Video: o Caterpillar eats toxic plant o Caterpillar and adult moth are aposematic o Spider rejects toxic Moth o Spider accepts “lab Moth” with no toxin o Birds learn to avoid Aposematic Moth** o Spiders do not learn to avoid Aposematic Moth** o Male Moth gives toxin to female moth o Female moth selects most toxic male moth** Eisner: “We should form a global alliance to protect the environment”...
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