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Edwardsjennifer@optonline.net Jennifer Edwards Eng 2203W July 25, 2010 In the poem “To the indifferent women” by Charlotte Gilman, she talks about the women and there livelihood in there homes. I feel that infidelity and trust plays a big part in this poem and that the author Charlotte Gilman is kind of obsessed with the actions of women especially if they are mothers. In the first paragraph Gilman states, “You who are happy in a thousand homes, or overworked therein, to dumb peace.” I take that as an element of saying that there is an infidelity in the home while the woman is working. “Dumb Peace” is the silence of unknowing fidelity, so there is a peace and non-argumentative atmosphere. Gilman in the poem says that, “Who told you that you need not know or care about the sin and sorrow of the world?”
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In this statement I felt like the author was trying to insist that, because there is an unknowing sin women in a whole would not have any worries or heartbreaks. The unknowing is I figure that the infidelity and without it
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exercises - Edwardsjennifer@optonline.net Jennifer Edwards...

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