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Executive Summary: Mission Statement: To elevate ourselves to forefront of evolutionary convergence industry by investing in people, learning continuously and carefully applying our knowledge to achieve an environment friendly and efficient operation. Vision Statement: To become world’s leading environment friendly convergence company suiting to the needs of the people. Company Summary: Company objectives: The Market: Target Market: S.W.O.T: Marketing Mix: Product : Ekkà Stǿrm (means power of one) Place: Northeast - Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. In 2009 rated Manchester 13 th in list of 100 best cities to live and launch business. 2 nd most tax friendly city in United States and 1 st on cheapest city to live. 46 % of the population own houses. Only 18 %of population is below 18 and above 65. Price: Based on the development cost to produce Ekka Storm we decided to price the product thirty dollars above cost of production; so that the company would make a thirty-dollar profit off each unit
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sold; with an addition ten-dollar subscription cost to operate the unit software. Ekka Storm Cost of Production Per Unit Screen  $40.00  Scanner  $30.00  Software  $50.00  Total Cost:  $120.00      Total Retail Price:  $150.00  Subscription Cost:  $10.00  Promotion: Implementation: Purchase Bar Code License: Red Light Bar Coders -UPC and EAN-13 bar codes are generally used, the company will give us data base to existing codes and source code license(JAVA bar code linear + 2 D package) this
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beta testing-2 - Executive Summary Mission Statement To...

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