draft2 - has a strange mix of expression and modernism....

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Jennifer Edwards English 2203W Prof. Bedore As I Lay Dying” is a very good story that has several narrators. In the story, the person that captivated me the most was Darl Bundren. Darls’ monologue is very strong in the story because he talks from an insight perspective as first and third person. The reason why Darl captivates me is because of his visions, personality and his motives. The first reason why I was captivated by Darl was because of his visions that he was having of his mothers death even though he was not physically in her presents. On page 1876 Darl tells us that at the death of Addie, "Dewey Dell leaned above the bed, her hands lifted a little, the fan still moving like it has for ten days, she beens to keen.” Darl is giving us a vision of how Dewey Dell is reacting to Addies’ death. I think that Darl
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Unformatted text preview: has a strange mix of expression and modernism. Darl Thoughts and visions are very unique as if he is can tell the future. Next is the personality of Darl and that captivates me because Darl seems to be a person who is laid back. Darl personality is very unique because as the story goes on he tends to go crazy. In the story Darl in talking in Third person especially about himself, because on page Darl says They put him on the train laughing, down the long car laughing, the heads turning like the heads of owls when he passed. What are you laughing at? Basically it seems that Darl is being sent to mental institution and that tells a lot about his character that he is mentally unstable. Lastly is the captivation of Darls motive to why he tries to hurt his family just to free his mother....
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draft2 - has a strange mix of expression and modernism....

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