Labor Proposal - countries so we can show how other...

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Jennifer Edwards Labor Economics Prof. Alpert April 13, 2010 National Unemployment Rate My hypothesis is on the national unemployment rate and how does it cause the downsizing in companies and loss of jobs. has been affected by many economical changes over the past few years. In watching the unemployment rate increase over time I have gained a curiousness of how the unemployment rate works. I would like to write about the national unemployment rate, because I am interested in how it is calculated and what statistical demographics are used to create the national unemployment rate. I will be using information from several government website and sources. Also, I am going to compare other data’s from different
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Unformatted text preview: countries so we can show how other countries differ in their unemployment rate, because I feel it might be useful to compare other countries to the United States. To start off I will explain what the national unemployment rate is and how it is calculated. I will answer questions for those who don’t know who is the employed, unemployed and who is not considered in the labor force. My data will answer questions about where do the statistics from the national unemployment rate come from and how it is formulated. I will also brush on why is it important for the government to keep track of the unemployment rate and how is it constant in our economic climate today....
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Labor Proposal - countries so we can show how other...

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