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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) After fertilization, the first cell division is completed A) within the hour. B) within a few seconds. C) in 12 hours. D) about 6 hours later. E) more than a day later. 1) 2) Sperm cannot fertilize an oocyte until they A) are activated by sustentacular cells of the vagina. B) undergo capacitation. C) lose their acrosome. D) undergo activation. E) are in the vagina for 3 days. 2) 3) Which of the following is not part of oocyte activation? A) influx of sodium ion B) membrane depolarization C) release of calcium ion from smooth ER D) discharge of exocytotic vesicles E) softening of the zona pellucida 3) 4) Polyspermy results in A) twins. B) a nonfunctional zygote. C) fetuses with different fathers. D) chimeric adults. E) haploid individuals. 4) 5) During amphimixis, A) the male and female pronuclei fuse. B) meiosis occurs. C) gametes are formed. D) the ovum finishes meiosis II. E) sperm become capacitated. 5) 6) Differentiation among blastomeres is the result of A) hormones produced by the ovum. B) enzymes activated by the sperm. C) regulator molecules supplied by cells of the uterus. D) enzymes introduced by the sperm. E) an unequal distribution of regulatory molecules in the cytoplasm of the ovum. 6) 1
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7) Each of the following statements concerning development is true, except that A) differences in a cell's cytoplasmic makeup affect the cell's genetic activity. B) each blastomere receives exactly the same cytoplasmic composition. C) the developing oocyte receives molecules that affect development from the surrounding granulosa cells. D) the term induction refers to the chemical interplay between developing cells. E) cells release molecules that affect the developmental process of neighboring cells. 7) 8) The period of gestation that is characterized by rapid fetal growth and fat deposition is the ________ trimester. A) first B) second C) third 8) 9) The period of gestation when the rudiments of all major organ systems are established is the ________ trimester. A) first B) second C) third 9) 10) The period of gestation when organs and organ systems complete most of their development and the fetus looks distinctly human is the ________ trimester. A) first B) second C) third 10) 11) The process of cell division that divides the cytoplasm of the zygote among blastomeres is called A) embryogenesis. B) cleavage. C) implantation. D) placentation. E) blastulation. 11) 12) The penetration of the endometrium by the blastocyst is referred to as A) placentation. B) cleavage. C) implantation. D) fertilization. E) embryogenesis. 12)
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ch29 - Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative...

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