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Sports Economics Book Guide One Chapters One and Two of Szymanski (2009) September 1, 2011 Szymanski (2009): Chapter One 1. Modern sports tend to begin in either the United Kingdom or the United States. What are three reasons behind this tendency? Which of these reasons does Szymanski find to be most likely? Why? 2. How does the profit model differ between baseball in the United States and international soccer? 3. Why is soccer the most popular game in the world? 4. What hampered the growth of sports in nations like France and Germany? 5. Do sports in the United States most closely resemble sports in ancient Greece or ancient Rome? Why? 6. Why did the aristocracy in England value amateurism? How did this impact the development of sports in England? How did this impact the Olympics and the NCAA? 7. Who created the National League in baseball? How did the development of this league impact the development of sports in the United States?
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