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BGCh1historyF11 - ECON 1740 U.S Economic History Study...

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ECON 1740 U.S. Economic History Study Guide for Chapter One August 31, 2011 Questions from Heilbroner&Sager: The Introduction 1. French historian Fernand Braduel identified three facets of the historical transformation of Western Civilization. List and define these three facets. 2. How does the quest for wealth under capitalism differ from a similar quest in pre-capitalists societies? 3. According to W.W. Rostow, how much did the quantity of manufacturing production in the world increase from 1785 to 1971? 4. How does the production and distribution of wealth differ between a capitalistic and pre- capitalistic society? 5. The market system is a combination of two forces. List and define these forces. 6. How does political and economic activities work together in capitalistic and pre-capitalistic societies? Questions from Heilbroner&Singer: Chapter One – Out of the European Cradle In the year 1600… 1. How many retail shops were doing business in Europe?
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