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susb 015 prelab

susb 015 prelab - CHE J34-4E Section 1(a The standard...

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CHE J34-4E Section 1. (a) The standard recipe used in this exercise uses 3.0 mL of 0.25% phenanthroline solution in 100 mL of final solution to generate the red iron-phenanthroline complex which is detennined colorimetrically. What is the initial molarity of phenanthroline in the diluted solution? [0.25% means 2.50 g. of phenanthroline (molar mass 180) per liter of solution.] (b) What is the maximum concentration of iron-phenanthroline complex which can be formed from this amount ofphenanthroline, assuming complete complexation? (d) Is the volume of phenanthroline solution enough to complex the amounts of iron in the unknowns (between 10 mg/L and 100 mg/L)? (Remember that the unknown is diluted before preparing the complex) 2. In dissolving her multivitamin tablet, Lacka Daisickal allows the solution to spatter out of the beaker, causing the loss of about 2 drops (0.10 mL) of the 10 mL of solution that remain after boiling. What error will this cause in her determination of the amount of iron in the tablet? t
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