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Unformatted text preview: (Jk50no Name Pre-Laboratory Assignment- SUSB-012 1<(05~)rYl ~l £ Section 1. A student, Iva Heddake, weighs an aspirin tablet and finds that it weighs 385 mg. She crush- es it, dissolves it, and titrates it with 0.0500 M. NaOH solution. The volume required to reach the endpoint is 29.97 mL. How much ASA is in the tablet, and what is its % by weight of the tablet? [You can't use the EMM formula for this problem. Why not?] t a C\.. q '-' in L') '.= I" '(f)C J :r6\ e ') , , ( " {;<-l () (, ~~4 "1() , C'C\V") },4 ~,,}~ f-\Y".;? ,A:' '3\:\*:,; ':.X'! C n 1 (j, \:, ".,<::,·\,.+Ir 1I'r, E 2. Another student, Peter Principle, boils the water in which he is attempting to dissolve his aspirin tablet, which weighs 392 mg, for several minutes. His titration with 0.050 M. NaOH solution requires 44.37 mL. What is the apparent % ASA in the tablet? [Again, don't attempt to use the EMM formula.] Is there a problem here? If so, what is likely to have happened?...
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