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(I k'(.'~ (11l/ lf./.) "-.,l ~ ,.) ~-< •• \ \ (,t ~r'<~ Name SUPL-006 Pre-Laboratory Assignment 1./, f" "', I /l "",, f,;{ L).J !}(KJ <-1 t Section ,,3/15 Jle) Date 1. From the Nemst equation as it applies to the pH electrode, Equation (4), calculate the difference in pH corresponding to a difference in voltage of 0.1 mV (0.0001 V) at 20°e. ,~ -0 t "", t. t ,t/ 2. From the same equation, ca:i~ulate the error in a pH measurement caused by an error of lOCo in the temperature at 20°C. E.g., if the pH meter is set at 30°C with an actual temperature of 20°C. e: .' \.t [", ,"J~I ':'"i ,·';""1 \ 10 '-~"-'T"ft' 3. How must the glass electrode be stored between uses of the pH meter? eE'll j H"'He' ~j S {.:' l(' C ,Ion:; d 't ,s, h cHi C\ b (:. I .... , • "(' ", "\ C'\ ",. [:e,\n I' '·"r, i n ~\ VI'" 1.\/ (\.j {' f ~. I i>,"}~ c\.~;
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Unformatted text preview: t'" . "-U j ';/ .• • • \:''l. .·"-ry""Q~·f ,( '-~V·1C)\,)\, C\ '0 l.A?c:~~ ;~)f 4. Why must the pH meter be left on standby when it is not being used to measure pH? T'v··c~:' p \-t (lrtQ·\2 ( iYhj 'S-tit) EO' 5 "1' O.n d \",. ::;.e 5. The voltage measured by a pH meter is linear with pH. The linear relationship is characterized by a slope and intercept. In the calibration of a pH meter with a glass electrode, which characteristic, slope or intercept, is affected by an adjustment of temperature? 6. What feature of buffers makes them appropriate for use III standardization of pH mete;' i 1 tf'>Jcf "'\ "'~tJC{"l\"\ (\ .(.("...
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