Ivan.Rivera6.Seminar-Unit 1

Ivan.Rivera6.Seminar-Unit 1 - has to be collected and...

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Unit 1:  Seminar Option 2 Project Class: MM305-01: Quantitative Analysis Prof. Dr Bob By Ivan Rivera The project that I think I would really like to take on personally that would involve Quantitative Analysis in  building a model to calculate expenditure and time; would be to remodel a house. I remember doing this  to one of our houses and seeing it quite often when I worked in Real Estate. People would buy houses  they thought they could flip and sell for more money; the issue was that they had never done a project of  this size and to spend money on something you don’t use or live in is hard.  The purchase of the home should be as low as possible and potential must seen in the property even  before it is bought. So an understanding of real estate and the surrounding area is always important, is  the house in a good area close to schools, shopping, freeway or open streets, this is all input data that 
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Unformatted text preview: has to be collected and analyzed as the search for that house begins. The house bought then has to go through inspection to further add to the data that will then give us the information on how to organize the info and check against pricing in the area for new homes or houses with extra amenities and what the cost for remodeling is which involves getting estimates from contractors and for raw materials. The model would involve all of this info based on the book reading I don’t think we can apply trial and error on this so we have to get as much data as possible and put in the information into a computer to generate the best model and give us a good time frame to finish the remodel and stay on budget. Time is also essential as money is also wasted on the monthly mortgage payments adding to the expense of the budget....
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Ivan.Rivera6.Seminar-Unit 1 - has to be collected and...

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