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January 28, 2011 Problem-of-the-Day Please draw a molecular orbital diagram that shows the orbital interactions involved in the hyperconjugation that stabilizes the propyl radical compared to the methyl radical. To receive full credit you must also explain in words why the orbital interactions shown in your diagram are stabilizing. Chem 118A, Winter 2011 C C H 3 C H H H H H C H H propyl radical methyl radical E C—C bonding
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Unformatted text preview: orbital p-orbital bonding antibonding Analogous orbital interactions are not possible for the methyl radical since there is no C—C bond lined up next to the p-orbital. The orbital interaction shown (delocalization through hyperconjugation) allows more electrons to go down in energy than go up (two in the bonding orbital shown compared to only one in the antibonding orbital). node...
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