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Required AUTHOR REQUIRED TEXT Publisher ISBN UMUC Custom Text (adapted from McClave 9/e) Business Statistics STAT 230, Custom Edition for UMUC (bundled w/ Student Solutions Manual) Pearson Custom Publishing 0536205663 Recommended AUTHOR RECOMMENDED TEXT Publisher ISBN Lipsman You Can Do the Math Greenwood Publishing Group 0275983412 Faculty Contact Information Course Materials Click here to view the required and recommended materials to be purchased and to access ordering information.
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Course Description (Formerly BMGT 230.) Prerequisite: MATH 107. An introduction to the essential concepts of statistics for business and management. Concepts reviewed include descriptive statistics, probability theory, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, and decision theory. Discussion also covers the application of these concepts to solving problems in business and management. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: BEHS 202, BEHS 302, BMGT 230, ECON 321, GNST 201, MGMT 316, PSYC 200, SOCY 201, STAT 200, STAT 225, or STAT 230. Course Goals/Objectives After completing this course, you should be able to: understand the concepts underlying descriptive and inferential statistics discuss statistical concepts apply statistical techniques to business situations collect data for statistical analyses compute descriptive statistics organize descriptive statistics analyze descriptive and inferential statistics interpret results of descriptive and inferential statistics summarize results of descriptive and inferential statistics present results of descriptive and inferential statistics Course Introduction This course will give you a working knowledge of statistics as used in business administration and management. In the area of business administration, statistical methods are used in production and quality control; marketing and advertising; finance and economics; budgeting and accounting; and program planning, management, and evaluation. In business management, statistical techniques have become a vital factor in data analysis, forecasting, and decision making. This course uses business applications to illustrate statistical concepts. The topics covered in this course fall into two distinct areas: descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics are numerical or graphical representations of data. Inferential statistics is used to measure the quality of the descriptive statistics and to make predictions. You will have an opportunity to apply all the statistical concepts that you learn in class to real-life business situations. This course will actively pursue the UMUC curriculum-wide focus initiatives: globalization,
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syllabus - Required AUTHOR REQUIRED TEXT Publisher ISBN...

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