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Unformatted text preview: Acquiring Acquiring the Human Language Discussion Points SHS 120Y Some review questions Some review questions What is the “gavagai problem”? How might the child solve it? Give an example of a linguistic universal: a linguistic property that, according to the film, is necessarily expressed by all languages Children don’t learn learn by analogy. Give an example from the film of where this theory runs into problems. How do children acquire Language? How do children acquire Language? A. By imitating their parents? B. Do parents teach their children pragmatics, semantics, phonology, morphology and syntax? C. From exposure coupled with a mind/brain equipped with a basic understanding of the general structure of human language How would you summarize the nature/ nurture debate in modern linguistics? Is Language (that is pragmatics, semantics, phonology, morphology and syntax) dependent on NATURE, NURTURE or BOTH? ...
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