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EE321 Spring 2008 / Homework 8 Problem 33 – Buck converter operation Consider the example on page 11 of the lecture notes. Suppose the dc voltage is changed to 150 V and the speed to 450 rad/s. Find the average armature current, the average switch current, the converter efficiency, the motor efficiency, and the system efficiency. Also, find the conduction loss in the transistor and the conduction loss is the diode. Problem 34 – Performance in Continuous Mode Consider the example on page 23-25 of the lecture notes. Augment this example by plotting the average power into the converter, the average power into the motor, and the average mechanical power. You only need to show your results for a 0.5 duty cycle.
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Unformatted text preview: Superimpose the three curves. Only consider speeds through 150 rad/s. (The solution will show a higher speed range) Problem 35 – Hysteresis Current Control Consider the expression for the switching frequency of the hysteresis controller given on page 29 of the lecture notes. Because of losses, it is important that the switching frequency be limited. Find an expression for the worst case switching frequency as the rotor speed is varied. Assume the armature resistance is negligible Problem 36 – Discontinuous Operation Using the development on pages 19-21 of the dc drive lecture notes, derive the expressions for b and c on page 22....
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