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ISB 201 – Spring 2008 Section 1 Test #1 Study Guide Remember that you are responsible for ALL MATERIALS IN THE ASSIGNED READING even if they were not discussed in class. Reading assignments for the first exam: Miller chapters: 1, 2, 3, and pages 262-267 from chapter 12; Imes pages 6-41 (general overview of entomology including development, morphology, function, and taxonomy, and some general biological principles such as taxonomy/classification, and species concept) pages 94-105 (Coleoptera) & pages 126-135 (Diptera) - these are orders closely associated with soil ecosystems and/or detritus feeding. Supplemental reading: Tragedy of the Commons , Easter Island , Value of Insects , Bzzzzzz- Why insects are vital for human survival , Where Insects Fear to Tread , Dust Bowl , & Insects of the Oxygeniferous Question format is multiple choice, matching, True-False, and short answer/essay For many questions you will need to understand the key concepts and apply knowledge and reasoning: they will be similar to group quizzes/exercises we did together in class. Major Environmental Science Themes Emphasized What is Environmental Science Biosphere and Biospheric Principles State of the World Sustainability Natural Capital – Resources vs. Capital Natural Services Ecological Footprint (Although there were problems with website you should understand the conceptual idea of an ecological footprint) Globalization Myth of Inexhaustibility Maximum Sustainable Yield Tragedy of the Commons Scientific Method Scientific Hypotheses vs Scientific Theories Conservation of matter Laws of Thermodynamics Pure vs. Applied Science (example; mosquito problem and DDT) Economic Systems GNI vs. GDP Full Cost Pricing Structure of Planet Plate Tectonics Geologic Principles and Processes Soil Ecology Abiotic vs. Biotic Species and Populations
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Range of Tolerance Photosynthesis vs. Respiration Ecosystem Components Energy Flow Biogeochemical Cycles (special attention to Carbon and Oxygen cycles) Major Entomological Themes Emphasized Binomial System and Taxonomy Species Concept The Reasons for the Success of Insects Different forms of development in insects
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Test_1_Study_Guide - ISB 201 Spring 2008 Section 1 Test #1...

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