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Hausheer Kristin Hausheer Honors Introduction to Drama Dr. Hasler 2/1/10 Interpreted Lines from the Bacchae Setting : The play takes place in the city of Thebes, outside of the royal palace. These lines were taken from the second episode and the first part of the second choral ode. Action takes place on a traditional stage with a proscenium arch. The royal palace is painted into the backdrop, flanked by columns and towering cypress trees. In the distance, Mount Cithaeron is visible, with an approaching path through a dense forest. Characters : The actors in this scene are Pentheus, Dionysus, and a group of twelve chorus members. Dionysus is disguised as an Asian foreigner who spreads the Bacchic faith. He is dressed in the robes of a Bacchic priest with a crown of ivy atop his golden curls. His cheeks are rosy, and his demeanor is both enticing and mysterious. Dionysus proclaims his lines with fierce confidence. In these lines, his anger with Pentheus is building. He will not reveal himself as a god until he takes his revenge on the unbelievers, and he has a powerful punishment in mind. Pentheus is outfitted neatly in a regal fashion. His hair is similar to that of Dionysus, but Pentheus’ head is crowned with a circlet. He gives orders to a trio of palace guards in a loud,
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Bacchaescene - Hausheer 1 Kristin Hausheer Honors...

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