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Hausheer Kristin Hausheer ENG 302 Dr. Lynch 27 April 2010 Case Study Comparison: William Robinson and Mary Daily I. The cases of William Robinson and Mary Daly can be compared on the following grounds: Academic freedom, freedom of teaching, and “hostile environment.” Similarly, both cases deal directly with the definition of academic freedom . According to Finkin and Post, academic freedom is “not an individual right to be free from any and all constraint but instead the freedom consists in the freedom to pursue the ‘scholar’s profession’ according to the standards of that profession” (Finkin and Post 38). Mary Daly, a tenured Women’s Studies professor, believed her academic freedom was violated by Boston College when they forced her to retire for conducting all-female classes. She claimed that “the presence of men clouded the learning environment and that a women-only classroom fell within the bounds of academic freedom” (Marquard). Concerning his “Introduction to the Sociological Study of Globalization” class at the University of California at Santa Barbara, William Robinson also felt that his academic freedom as a tenured university professor was violated. Robinson faced a committee investigation within UC Santa Barbara for sending out controversial, anti-Semitic e-mails to students outside of class. Thus, these cases can be compared on grounds of definition , value , and cause , in relation to academic freedom. These cases also deal with the definition of freedom of teaching, a term encompassed within the scope of academic freedom that applies to tenured university professors. Freedom of teaching [entitles teachers] to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to their subject” (“1940” 3). Daly arguably violated this freedom by purposefully barring
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finalcasestudy - Hausheer 1 Kristin Hausheer ENG 302 Dr....

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