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Hausheer Kristin Hausheer ENG 325-01 Joya Uraizee 1 October 2010 You are my love's granary , I pour out my water-steeped fertility unstintingly , to stop does not occur to me . Suddenly I see you've slipped away , I search for you , my heart-usurping boy , then find you've fled , there was a ladder in back to step down . -“Granary” by Taslima Nasrin Love and Betrayal in So Long A Letter So Long A Letter (1981) was written by Mariama Bâ , a Senegalese Muslim . Education refined Bâ’s innate talent for writing as she became a pioneer for change within her generation . Her great passion for women’s rights led to this , her first novel . As its title suggests , So Long A Letter was written as a single letter from one woman to another . In this frame , Bâ explores the lives of Ramatoulaye and Aissatou as their husbands engage in polygamy . As she exposes its divisive nature , Bâ simultaneously exposes a society that feeds this outdated practice . Bâ vividly illustrates the permanence of this betrayal by relaying the suffering of both women , accentuated by powerful imagery that severs the bond between man and wife . 1
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Hausheer Polygamy is an ancient practice that predates Islam , but it was incorporated into the faith at its inception . Bâ’s writing explores the downfalls of this practice , proving its disconnect with reality and inherent flaws . Even as the Qur’an states that Muslim men may take up to four wives , it admits that polygamy can never be fair or just: “And you will never be able to be equal [in feeling] between wives , even if you should strive [to do so]” (an-Nisa’ 4 . 129) . Though Muslim men are allowed up to four wives , they are warned that polygamy is by nature unfair to women .
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