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Analog vs. Digital Modulation I think the best analogy I can think of for this would be and electric car compared to a gas engine car. The electric car has a constant current that does not stop and is continuous even though u lower your speed there is still current and if you go faster the current rate increases so this is more like analogy because there is always current even if the rate change to fast or slower or if you’re a car buff my increasing the RPM or decreasing them. Then there is the gas engine that runs on gas and has an electrical system to ignite that gas in specific cylinders at specific times so gas goes into one cylinder a current goes and ignites then the current stops till it’s time for the next cylinder to fire and a current ignites that cylinder. Now this has cylinders that do not get fire while one is. Hope this is correct little wondering about this.
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Unformatted text preview: Frequency I think the best way to describe frequency with the aspects of volts, current, and resistance would be the processor of a computer from the ram to the processor. You do process’s on the computer the more information and programs you run at the same time increase (frequency) this running to the ram would be the current now say you have a lot of RAM you can process this with low resistance going in. Now for the next part think of having a slow processor with all that information from the RAM coming out of it. The processor cannot convert the information fast enough so this would cause resistance because it would slow down the transfer rate. This cause (volts) because the RAM is trying to send information and the processor is already backed up. This would apply in reverse also. I hope I got this right again I tried...
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