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Identify one hard benefit will a hard benefit is it will lower repair costs compared to a hard wired setup. You look at the overall cost of a hard line setup with the wires the drilling threw walls and the outlets just to mention a few obstacles. The time it takes just in labor and the tools to diagnose were the actual problem really is can be costly compared to a wireless set up if a computer is not working with just a few checks you can check the signal or the Wi Fi card on the computer where as you would have to track lines, breaks in lines, receptors, and many other
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Unformatted text preview: things on a hard line. The one soft benefit I would look at would be employee satisfaction this relates to their mobility to move around and the easy access to important materials to the company and it can relate to a hard benefit if just their computer goes down a much faster fix to it to get back to work. When you have employees that can show up do their job have the information needed to do that job productivity and moral will be up and increase profits....
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