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IT 241 week 7 day 6 - hackers from getting into the network...

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Mobile IP seems like it will be a major player in the future to be able to go from star bucks to sheetz and your IP auto change would be so convenient without having to re log into a new access point. Though it may have to get a fresh IP on each change from the access point the convenience would be great. You have the convenience to move freely in a populated area and being able to stay online without having to log back into an access point again this can help companies and schooling for people in all areas to get the things done that need to be done and forward individual and company progress. The draw backs would be routers that could possibly deny the packets coming into it to stop
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Unformatted text preview: hackers from getting into the network. Areas would have to deal with increased network traffic and safety of the network safety risks and connection issues in high population areas. this may be wrong but companies do downloads off of trial software and if a devices software changes they cannot keep track of who downloaded that software for a trial because if they change the IP then the computer registers different and can re download that software for a new time frame. I am just going buy my knowledge here not a web site but I know....
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