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it dq2 week 4 - again The OSI model is the same way each...

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The OSI model for someone that does not understand it and needs a simple explanation I would probably use video games as an analogy because with video games you have levels in each level you have specific things that have to be done to move to the next level and once you have done those things you move to the end of the game and the game is completed. Then you can start all over and play the game again and go level by level again tell you complete the game all over
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Unformatted text preview: again. The OSI model is the same way each level/layer has a specific job that has to be completed before it can move to the next layer once that layers job is completed then it moves to the next layer and when that layers done and completed its task it moves to the next layer for the next job to be completed till it reaches the end and then the process is repeated when new information needs to be processed...
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